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Easy Business & Commercial Insurance In St. Louis For one-man stores to large businesses.

Small businesses are one of the major contributors to our country’s GDP and are one of the largest sectors. Running a small business is a herculean task. Being a small business owner ourselves, we understand that. There are a million moving parts at the same time and every small cog matters. Adding the stress of choosing the right commercial insurance to it would be a sin.

Hence, leave the process of choosing the right business & commercial insurance in St. Louis to Jain Insurance Agency. We have helped various small businesses with their commercial insurance needs. Choosing the right insurance starts with analyzing the risks that might raise your premiums. Once done, we choose policies that apply to all important facets of your business to make sure you are covered for every possible instance. Contact the Jain Insurance Agency today for expert commercial insurance brokers in St. Louis.

Choose From The Best: Various Commercial Insurance Plans We Have In St. Louis

General Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance
If you are a business owner in the US, general business liability insurance is a requirement to run your business. This provides the basic coverage against lawsuits, injuries, copyright claims, etc. Get your general liability insurance from expert commercial insurance brokers in St. Louis.
Business Property insurance
Commercial Property Insurance
A good business property insurance covers your buildings, and other properties inside your property from fire, burglary, vandalism based on the policy. However, it is important to read the fineprints. Leave it to us and you run your business. Contact Jain Insurance Agency today.
Business owner's Policy
Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
A Business Owner’s Policy or BOP is a comfortable package for small businesses which brings together coverage from various policies together at a competitive price. It includes property insurance, liability, crime coverage, etc. Get your BOP today with our expert commercial insurance agents in St. Louis.
Cyber Liability Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance
The biggest threat to businesses on this digital landscape are cyber attacks. Breaches can cause loss of millions of dollars to businesses and hence it is important to safeguard your business from such risk. Make sure you are safe from such attacks with cyber liability insurance.
Commercial Auto Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance
If you are into the transport business or if your business owns one or more automobiles, then commercial auto insurance a must for you. This covers your vehicles agains damage, injury, liability etc. Get your automobile covered with Jain Insurance Agency today.
Commercial Crime Insurance
Commercial Crime Insurance
Your commercial property insurance doesn’t cover crime-related losses for your business. For situations such as employee dishonesty, robbery, forgery, etc. your business needs commercial crime insurance depending on the type of your business.
Group insurance
Tech Errors & Omission Insurance
Technology E&O insurance cover for the financial losses incurred by your clients while using the software/ product/ service that you have provided. General liability doesn’t cover pure financial loss; hence, it is important to get E&O insurance.
Workers Compensation Insurance
Workers Compensation Insurance
Running a business mandates you to get workers’ compensation insurance and it is the ethical thing to do as well. Cover for your employees for on-the-job injuries with the Jain Insurance agency. Our business insurance agents in St. Louis understand your needs in detail and provide the best opitons for you to choose from.

Insurance Providers That We Represent

As commercial insurance agents in St. Louis, we represent multiple providers and thereby providing our clients with diverse range of policies to choose from. Following are the insurance providers that we represent.

safeco insurance
Liberty Mutual

Businesses That We Cover With Commercial Insurance

Motel & Restaurants

Liquor Stores

Convenience Stores

Apartment Homes

Condo Associations


Retail Stores

IT Software Companies

Shopping Strip Mall


Non-Profit Organizations

Medical Offices

Secure Your Business With a Reliable Business Insurance In St. Louis

Jain Insurance Agency has been serving the residents and businesses in the St. Louis community for years now. Get suitable business insurance in St. Louis for your business today!