What is Medicare?

Medicare Health Insurance came into the market under the Social Security Act, in 1965, intending to insure all U.S citizens over the age of 65, regardless of their income or medical history.

As part of the plan, if you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 65, you will be eligible for the Original Medicare plan. You can enroll for the other parts of the plan such as Part C, Part D, etc. Understanding the coverage of all the parts and enrolling for the right plan might be tough for you as an individual, given that everyone has unique needs and coverage. That’s where the Jain Insurance Agency can help. As the top Medicare Insurance Brokers in St. Louis, we will sit with you, understand your needs, and purchase the suitable plan for you on the right budget.

Medicare Coverage You Can Count On

Jain Insurance Agency knows that you want to make sure you have the right Medicare plan that fits your needs.  In order to do that, you need to be an informed Medicare consumer.  The problem is there are too many choices and too much confusion, which makes seniors feel overwhelmed & apprehensive to make a decision.  

We believe navigating the Medicare Healthcare system should be easy.  We understand because we see and hear from so many seniors who are bombarded with literature and television advertisements.  Our insurance brokers have successfully helped over 10,000 seniors like you, in Missouri and Illinois, find the right coverage and price.  

So…stop feeling uncertain and alone and instead spend more time on the things you enjoy!

Other Parts of Medicare Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Advantage Plans or Part C or MA plans provide coverages for both doctor visits and hospitalization. However, these plans are provided by private insurers and hence they can be used only on their network of providers. We offer the right medicare advantage plans to people who deserve them at the best possible price.
Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Supplement Plans
This plan is also called Medigap plan. It is also offered by private insurers and you have to pay a premium for this. This covers the gap in the original Medicare plans, which the Medicare plans don’t cover, like deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, etc. Get the suitable Medigap plans for your need today.
Part D Coverage
Part D Coverage
Part D or also known as Prescription Drug Coverage is another Medicare plan provided by private insurers. This can be bought as a supplement to your original Medicare plan and covers the cost of prescription drugs when you are an outpatient. People have to pay a small premium to avail the same.

Jain Insurance Agency's Medicare Guide - 2024

Are you someone over the age of 65 and confused with all the jargon involved with Medicare plans? Fret not, for Jain Insurance Agency can help. Our experts have curated a comprehensive guide for Medicare plans that can help you understand A to Z of Medicare. Download it for free now. 

Jain Insurance Agency's Medicare Guide

Why Choose Jain Insurance Agency as Your Medicare Insurance Brokers in St. Louis?

Our main goal is to make sure that you get the plan that you need and deserve. Some might suggest that Medicare can be confusing. But, that is simply not the case. With the right Medicare brokers by your side, you can be rest assured to get the right coverage. Our process is simple and effective. We take care of the paperwork while you relax.

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