Personal Insurance

Protect Yours With Personal Insurance in St. Louis.

We all have one life. And we build everything around us with the utmost care. The first car, the first home, etc. All these mean the world to us. And it is important that we take steps to protect them. With the right property insurance, you can stay rest assured that the things that you love are protected. Get the right personal insurance consulting in St. Louis with the Jain Insurance Agency! 

We understand that shopping for the right insurance products can be painful. So, why not leave it to the experts? Talk with Priti and let’s customize property insurance that suits your lifestyle. Sounds good? Looking for the right independent insurance agent in St. Louis? Let’s discuss.

Shop Multiple Providers for St. Louis Personal Insurance

Jain Insurance Agency trusts in the versatility of different insurance providers and hence we represent multiple providers for your personal insurance in St. Louis. Get your properties covered and protect what’s yours today!

safeco insurance
Liberty Mutual

Personal Insurance We Offer for the Residents of St. Louis

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance
People usually think about car insurance as something that covers damage to their car. But, the fine print involves a lot of coverage such as collision, theft, liability, etc. Better coverage doesn’t mean higher premiums. Make sure you get the most coverage with Jain Insurance Agency’s car insurance in St. Louis
Multifamily Apartments Insurance
Multifamily Apartments Insurance
Be it a small duplex or large apartment, if you own one you’re a business. And normal homeowners or business insurance won’t do for apartment owners. Get the right multi-family apartment insurance tailored for your business with the Jain Insurance Agency. Contact us today.
Personal property
Homeowners Insurance
No two homeowners insurance are made equal. Each insurance offers different coverages, different conditions, and limitations. Hence it is important that you have a homeowners insurance agent in St. Louis help you choose the same for you. Reach out to Jain Insurance Agency and get the right insurance plan for your home.
Business insurance
Airbnb/Vacation Rentals Insurance
Most vacation rental properties have both personal and commercial use. Essentially, it can be used by the owner or let out for rent regularly. So, a regular homeowners policy wouldn’t suit vacation rental properties. Get suitable Airbnb/Vacation rentals insurance today.
Renters insurance
Renters Insurance
Proper coverage in your Renters insurance in St. Louis means coverage for all your personal property and your family. However, you could choose what to cover and what not to. Technicalities aside, you must have a renters insurance and you can trust Jain Insurance Agency with the same. Contact us today.
Condo Insurance
Condo Insurance
Your Condo Association Insurance covers common areas and building structures. But, you are responsible for the interior of the condo and you need to insure. Get your H0-6 policy from Jain Insurance Agency. Get a reliable condo insurance in St. Louis with us now!

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

‘Why can’t I choose my own insurance? Why should I hire an independent insurance agent?’ asked every person ever. The simplest explanation for that would be there are multiple providers in the market and it would take the best of your time to study everything and get the right one. Apart from that, there are several other reasons to choose an independent agent for personal insurance in St. Louis.

Personal Service
Only someone who knows you can choose the right property insurance for you. And with an independent agent, that is the biggest advantage. They spend time with you, understand your needs, and shop for insurance that covers everything from head to toe.
Value for Money
Your independent agent's full-time commitment is to find insurance policies that provide the best perks and value for money. The perks include discounts, additional coverage, and the best umbrella coverage. An independent agent can get you all of those.
Umbrella Coverage
Sometimes normal coverage is not just enough. Your property might deem more or you need to be more sure of your safety. An independent insurance provider like us can get you a reliable umbrella coverage right at your budget for all your insurance policies.

Insure Everything You Love With Jain Insurance Agency’s Personal Insurance in St. Louis

Shopping for the right insurance can be a tedious process. Leave your worries about insurance to us and live your best life. We will make sure it is covered. Reach out to Jain Insurance Agency today.