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As fathers, mothers, and partners, we always think ahead for the welfare of our loved ones. We plan our finances, do our taxes, make our investments, and do everything else for the welfare of the self and our loved ones. But, life is unpredictable and it is important that you always create financial stability and a backup plan for your loved ones. Hence, getting yourself life insurance is important. As an  Experienced life Insurance Agency in St. Louis we can get the right policy for you.

While life insurance is important for everyone, there is no one-size-fits-all policy in the market. You have to choose your policy carefully based on different aspects of your life and family. You have to take into consideration a lot of things and shop for policies. Hopefully, you already have life insurance, and if not our independent insurance agents in St. Louis can shop and get the suitable one for you. Contact us today and provide the financial stability that your family deserves.

What is the Amount of Life Insurance Coverage You Should Have?

The next million-dollar question with life insurance is the amount of coverage one should have. The most important question to ask is if there is even a basis to choose the amount of coverage. And the answer to that question is ‘Yes’. There are factors that one should take into consideration while choosing a life insurance policy.
In order for problem-free coverage with your life insurance, you should update your insurance policy now and then during various changes in your life. The following are some such situations where it is mandatory to update your insurance policy,

An independent life insurance agent can sit down with you, understand your needs and choose the right policy for you based on your needs. The following are some factors to be considered while choosing your life insurance policy,

Your Age

Your Current Health Conditions

Number of Children

Your Marital Status

Your Budget

Your Amount of Debt

Life Insurances That We Offer to the Residents of St. Louis

Term Life Insurance
Of all the life insurances, term life insurances are the cheapest. They cover only a certain period of time, for example, 20 years, and they can be extended into a permanent policy. The policy holds good and provides benefits only for the given period of time.
Whole Life Insurance
As the name states, whole life insurance covers the entire period of your lifetime, provided that you pay the premiums. This can also be considered a long-term investment as the premium builds value over time. The premium for this policy is usually higher than that of term life insurance.
Universal Life Insurance
This type of insurance has flexible premiums and thereby can have lesser premiums than whole life insurance. This insurance also covers the whole lifetime, but the premiums might underperform and thereby affecting the coverage amount. Choosing this insurance depends on the value proposition.
Disability Insurance
Disability insurance provides a guaranteed income to the person that loses income due to their disability. This type of insurance is necessary for people with disabilities or health conditions. However, the regulations for this insurance are strict

When Should I Update My Insurance Policy?

In order for problem-free coverage with your life insurance, you should update your insurance policy now and then during various changes in your life. The following are some such situations where it is mandatory to update your insurance policy,

Change in Marital Status

Change of Job

Adding a member to your family

Starting a business

Change in personal health status

Receiving inheritance

Get the Right Life Insurance Policy and Be Rest Assured of Your Loved One's Safety!

Looking for life insurance in St. Louis? Contact Jain Insurance Agency today. Our insurance agents sit down with you, understand your needs, and present multiple policies and quotes to you.


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